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The fashion studio Must Luik was born in the summer of 1995 while organising Segasumma Suvila children's camp. The camp ran for a total of 14 years, growing to such a size that it was able to provide meaningful and fun summer holidays for thousands of children.

Must Luik fashion studio was founded as a private hobby school in the autumn of 1995, and operated for a total of ten years. The school taught children and young people fine arts and provided stage experience in numerous major performances.

In the autumn of 2003, Must Luik opened its own costume rental service, a logical extension of the company's development, as the warehouses were full of costumes for the fashion studio and the children's camp. 

The founder of the fashion studio Must Luik is Tähte Luik and the head designer is Merle Kappel. Most of the costumes have been designed and made by them. The collections are constantly updated and renewed.

In 2021, after a long and uncertain period of Corona, the fate of costume rental was uncertain: to continue or not? In the autumn of the same year, the costume shop changed ownership and became a family business. In a small team, everything is still done with enthusiasm and the main goal is satisfied customers.